Grange Information

VilleWorth Grange is a subordinate chapter of the NC Grange and subsequently, the National Grange.

The Grange is a nonprofit, community service organization started in 1867 following the Civil War. The southern farmlands were ruined due to the war, so farmers banned together to create The Order of the Patron’s of Husbandry, or The Grange for short. The term Grange is British slang for “farm.”

The Grange has existed in North Carolina consecutively since 1929, and several of the chapters started that year are still in existence.

The Grange is a 501-c8 fraternal organization that was created by Masons. The two organizations have a very similar leadership structure.

While the Grange was formed by and for farmers, it is certainly not exclusive to them. The VilleWorth Grange members are all suburbanites, living near or close to Huntersville, NC. Official membership begins at age 14, but junior programs are available for ages 5-13 and youth programs are available for 14-22.

Dues are $40 annually, per person. Contact us to join!

President- Jessica Horton (
Vice President- Jeremy Horton
Secretary/Treasurer- Andrea Swanick
Chaplain- Laurie Nappier
Program Director- Candice Klein
Gatekeeper- Stephen Swanick